Exhibition at ARTe Kunstsalon Konstanz

Einladung zur Ausstellung beim ARTe Kunstsalon Konstanz

I'm really looking forward to the exhibition at ARTe Kunstsalon in Konstanz. From July 23rd to 25th you can experience my art live.

Sculptures, summer, sun, water - that will be wonderful! I can hardly wait.

The opening times are:
Friday from 5pm to 9pm,
Saturday from 11am to 8pm,
Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

Admission to the exhibition at the ARTe Kunstsalon in Konstanz is free for people that are eather tested, recovered or vaccinated. A large test center is in the immediate vicinity. For a very relaxed visit, it is advisable to set the visiting time beforehand at arte-kunstmesse.de/tickets-konstanz/  .

For me there is still a lot to do before the exhibition. Keep your fingers crossed that I can still realize the large sculpture In Harmony , which I would like to take with me to Konstanz.

Phoenix from the ashes

abstrakte Skulptur im Garten

Phoenix from the ashes is the name of my new sculpure.

In my workshop there was a lump of plaster on which I always wiped off my plaster residue. One day I thought that something could be made of this lump and began to scrape off the remains in specific places. Then came a phase in which I took away material, purposefully built it up, took it away and built it up. The lump began to form to a sculpture . It went through many metamorphoses until it found its final form.

This process made Phoenix from the ashes especially dear to me. A piece of beauty is hidden in everything, even if it is not recognizable at first. Just don't give up looking for it!

Phoenix from the ashes kann in drei verschiedenen Positionen aufgestellt werden und findet in jeder Lage ihr Gleichgewicht wieder. Eine sehr ausgeglichene Skulptur! In diesem Youtube-Video zeige ich ihre vielen Möglichkeiten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e-0Er3Qwlg

How to make a bear

Bär aus Beton

was modeled in clay by me 30 years ago. Because he has a lot of friends, I have now made a cast out of concrete. This bear was modeled in clay by me 30 years ago. Because he has a lot of friends, I have now made a cast out of concrete.

In the Youtube video Birth of a Bear , I take the finished casting out of its mold. After many hours of making molds, this is always the most exciting moment: How will the sculpture come out? Are there air bubbles? How did the color turn out?

Ich finde, der Bär kann sich lassen.

At the end of a long life

At the end of a long life was featured at the online exhibition On being by Sculptors Allinace in New York. For the panel talk about the exhibition, I tell you how this piece was created: where I found the wood, how I designed the shape, which tools I used and which supposed disappointment ultimately defines the special character of the sculpture.

Link to the youtube-video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGY5wq0jP8E

The wood was given to me by friends. Their cherry tree had lost a branch. They had already sawed into firewood when I discovered it. At the beginning I design a new sculpture with a small piece of modeling clay. Then I saw the wood into shape with the chainsaw, using the clay model as a template. At one point the piece comes to life. I put the model aside and let the lines and curves of the wood guide me. This part of the job is what I enjoy most because it is no longer my mind but my soul that takes the lead. At the same time, however, the most exhausting part of my journey is with a new piece.

I switch from chainsaw to file and then to sandpaper. I love running my hands over the smooth surfaces and following the lines of the piece. This pleasure always seduces me to strive for perfection. In this case, the perfection was destroyed when the wood dried, as small cracks opened and distorted the smooth surfaces. At first I was disappointed, but soon this became the feature I value most about this piece because it reminds me of an old person.

Life inflicts physical and emotional wounds on us. In other places it grinds us smooth, makes us gentle. Everything about a person is a testimony to his life. The way we run, the way we hold our heads, the arching of our backs, the wrinkles on our faces: all of this tells of the difficulties we faced, how we dealt with them and how we live today.

So the name for this piece came naturally: At the end of a long life it shows both wounds and smoothness, like we do as humans.