Abstrakte Skulptur aus Bronze
Whirl, Bronze, about 40/38/25 cm
Two Points, Bronze, about 38/28/31 cm
Three round shapes, Spruce, about 56/95/37 cm
At the end of a long life, cherry tree wood, about 23/42/23 cm
currently on display at Sculptors Alliance, New York:
In Harmony, ca. 114 / 54 / 58 cm.
Moving, Brass, about 65/78/58 cm
Dreaming, Brass, about 90/61/68 cm.
In Harmony, Bronze, about 30/14,5/12 cm
Whirl, Bronze, about 47/42/33 cm
Bow I and II, Brass, about 33/27 cm high
Beginning, Bronze, about 39/44/25 cm
Dance, Aluminum, about 19/15/18 cm
Standing Figure, Concrete, about 31/11/10 cm.
Friends, Acrystal bronze, approx. 19/11/12 cm and 25/15/10 cm
Skulptur Phönix aus der Asche
Phoenix from the ashes, Concrete, about 40/23/23 cm
Happy, Plaster, painted, about 14/14/15 cm