Working as a sculptor is filling me with joy and I hope that looking at my sculptures will make you feel happy as well. - Wiebke Bader


window to art in the Helferstr. 7, 73430 Aalen,
September 1st - 29th, 2021, exhibition participation

Art goes for a walk in Bocksgasse 29, 73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd,
October 2nd - 31st, 2021, exhibition participation

the NEW in BBK Westphalia, BIG gallery, Rheinische Str. 1, 44137 Dortmund
October 17 - November 12, 2021, exhibition participation

For an invitation to these and other exhibitions, simply send a short message to info@wiebke-bader.de .


Abstrakte Skulptur aus Bronze
Whirl, Bronze, about 40/38/25 cm
Two Points, Bronze, about 38/28/31 cm
Three round shapes, Spruce, about 56/95/37 cm
At the end of a long life, cherry tree wood, about 23/42/23 cm
currently on display at Sculptors Alliance, New York: http://www.sculptorsalliance.org/on-being
In Harmony, ca. 114 / 54 / 58 cm.
Moving, Brass, about 65/78/58 cm
Dreaming, Brass, about 90/61/68 cm.
In Harmony, Bronze, about 30/14,5/12 cm
Whirl, Bronze, about 47/42/33 cm
Bow I and II, Brass, about 33/27 cm high
Beginning, Bronze, about 39/44/25 cm
Dance, Aluminum, about 19/15/18 cm
Standing Figure, Concrete, about 31/11/10 cm.
Friends, Acrystal bronze, approx. 19/11/12 cm and 25/15/10 cm
Skulptur Phönix aus der Asche
Phoenix from the ashes, Concrete, about 40/23/23 cm
Happy, Plaster, painted, about 14/14/15 cm


Wiebke Bader grew up in Bielefeld, where she learned the profession of a carpenter. Her journeyman's piece was awarded first prize in the competition The good form .

She studied architecture at the Technical University of Braunschweig. During her studies she was honored for excellent academic performance and accepted into the German National Academic Foundation. After completing her studies, she worked as a qualified architect.

Seit 2014 ist sie freischaffende Bildhauerin. Dabei sind ihre bevorzugten Materialien Holz und Bronze. 2021 erhielt sie für ihr künstlerisches Vorhaben ein Stipendium des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst, Baden-Württemberg.

Wiebke Bader is a member of the Federal Association of Visual Artists in Germany. She lives and works in Aalen, Württemberg.


Skulpturenstand auf der ARTe Wiesbaden
ARTe Wiesbaden 2021


Wiebke Bader creates sculptures that are also models for larger works. Larger than life, they could stand in public spaces or set a highlight in spacious gardens.

Examples are the works Bow II and Dance sketched in front of buildings in Aalen.

Wiebke Bader - Circling
This is how Bow II could stand as a large sculpture in front of the Audimax in Aalen.
Wiekbe Bader - Dancing
Sketch of the sculpture dancing as a large sculpture in front of the cultural station in Aalen.


Wiebke Bader
Droste-Hülshoff-Weg 32
73431 Aalen, Germany
Tel.: +49 1525 7688827
Mail: wiebke-bader@gmx.de

The artist will be happy to show you further works in her studio. Just give a call.

In ihrem Blog lässt die Künstlerin Sie an der Entstehung der Kunstwerke teilhaben.