Wiebke Bader is a freelance artist and sculptor. She lives and works in Aalen, Baden-Württemberg. Her preferred materials are bronze and wood.

In her search for the poetic and essential, Wiebke Bader finds inspiration in nature. The organic forms and flowing lines of her mostly abstract sculptures complement each other to create an exciting harmony. Her works are also characterized by great variability: not only do they offer new views from all sides, they can often also be set up in different positions.


Abstrakte Skulptur mit runden Formen und zwei Spitzen aus Bronze, braun patiniert.
Two Points, Bronze, about 38/28/31 cm
Abstrakte Skulptur aus Bronze
Whirl, Bronze, about 40/38/25 cm
The Gardener's Longing, Polymergips und Lack, ca. 44/35/30 cm.
Funded by a grant from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Science, Research and Art.
Die beiden "Freunde" werden ab 14. Januar 2023 auf der Ausstellung Glänzend ans Licht in der Mainzer Kunstgalerie zu sehen sein.
Friends, polymer plaster and lacquer, about 25 cm high
Moving, Brass, about 65/78/58 cm
Dreaming, Brass, about 90/61/68 cm.
Abstakte Bronzeskulptur mit runden Formen und glatten Oberflächen, dunkelbraun patiniert.
Phoenix from the ashes, Bronze, about 40/23/23 cm
abstrakte Bronzeskulptur "Anfang", dunkel patiniert
Beginning, Bronze, about 39/44/25 cm
abstrahierte Bronzeskulptur einer schlafenden Frau
Sleeping woman, bronze, approx. 80/36/60 cm
Abstrakte, runde Skulptur aus matt geschliffener, goldleuchtender Siliziumbronze.
Circling, Bronze, about 47/42/38 cm
Zwei abstrakte Skulpturen aus grün patiniertem Messing. Beide Skulpturen bestehen aus einem großen Bogen mit runden Formen und geschwungenen Kanten. Der größere Bogen steht sehr gerade während der kleinere Bogen etwas verspielter ist.
Bow I and II, Brass, 31/20/10 cm and 26/15/12 cm
Liegende Bronzefigur, grün patiniert, abstakt
In Harmony, Bronze, about 30/16/13 cm
Abstrakte Aluminium-Skulptur aus schlanken Schlaufen, die sich umeinander drehen.
Life I, aluminum, approx. 104/49/41 cm
Zwei abstrakte Skulpturen aus schwarzem Polymer-Gips, die aufeinander Bezug nehmen.
The great emptiness and the small joy, polymer plaster bronze, approx. 40/24/18 and 36/29/25 cm
Three round shapes, Spruce, about 56/95/37 cm
At the end of a long life, cherry tree wood, about 23/42/23 cm
currently on display at Sculptors Alliance, New York: http://www.sculptorsalliance.org/on-being
Abstrakte Bronzeskulptur mit runden Formen und glatten Oberflächen. Goldbraun patiniert. Die Figur steht auf drei Spitzen.
A happy day , Bronze, about 44/36/36 cm

Creation of the sculptures

Individual sculptures and groups of sculptures can be created in almost any size and suitable for any international location. The models are made of plaster, wax or clay. After that, sculptures made of bronze or resin are realized in small editions, as well as unique pieces made of wood or ceramics.

On the page News the contribution Bronze sculpture Two Points exemplifies how a sculpture is created.


  • Raised in Bielefeld, Germany.
  • Apprenticeship as a carpenter. 1st prize for the journeyman's piece in the competition The good form.
  • Studied architecture at the Technical University of Braunschweig. Award for excellent academic achievements and admission to the German National Academic Foundation.
  • Architectural engineer.
  • Since 2014 freelance sculptor. Member of the Federal Association of Visual Artists.
  • 2021 Grant from the Stiftung Kulturwerk as part of NEUSTART KULTUR
  • Lives and works in Swabia, Germany.

Exhibitions (selection)


Participation in OFF-Art Günzburg, exhibition for the art prize of the city of Günzburg,
September 19 to November 26, 2023

Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, represented by HLP-Gallery, Booth J3
November 9th - 12th, 2023

For an invitation to this and other exhibitions, simply send a short message to info@wiebke-bader.de .

Skulpturenstand auf der ARTe Wiesbaden
ARTe Wiesbaden 2021


Wiebke Bader creates sculptures that are also models for larger works. Larger than life, they could stand in public spaces or set a highlight in spacious gardens.

Examples are the works Bow II and Dance sketched in front of buildings in Aalen.

Wiebke Bader - Circling
This is how Bow II could stand as a large sculpture in front of the Audimax in Aalen.
Wiekbe Bader - Dancing
Sketch of the sculpture dancing as a large sculpture in front of the cultural station in Aalen.


Wiebke Bader
Droste-Hülshoff-Weg 32
73431 Aalen, Germany
Tel.: +49 1525 7688827
Mail: info@wiebke-bader.de

Would you like to find out which sculpture suits you and your premises? Simply arrange a non-binding appointment.
The artist will be happy to advise you: in the studio, on the phone, via zoom meeting or at your place.