Wishes for 2022

Meine Wünsche für 2022: Freunde werden!

My wishes for 2022 are simple: let's be friendly with each other, let's be friends in the best sense of the word! There is so much that connects us and very little that divides us. We all want the same thing: peace, health and joy. I would like to contribute to these three goals: To a peaceful and polite coexistence, to the fact that we all stay healthy and to some joy in the life of my fellow human beings.

I hope that soon cultural events can take place again in an uncomplicated manner. Culture brings glamor and joy into our life. The desire for art and culture connects us, because art touches our hearts regardless of our political attitudes. We need that now more than ever. I hope that we artists will be able to show our art to give joy with it.

My professional wishes for 2022 are as follows: I wish that my latest work finds a good place. It would make me especially happy to design a sculpture in public space.

I wish you
Peace in heart
Health for you and your family
and many moments of joy
for the year 2022!