Preparation for ARTe Konstanz

Vorbereitung für die ARTe Konstanz

The days go by faster and faster and I am very busy preparing for ARTe Constanze.

Not all my sculptures can go on the journey with me. However, it is very difficult for me to make a selection, because every sculpture has its charm and wants to be seen. In the studio, I marked the size of the exhibition space on the floor. Here the sculptures wander around on their pedestals. Sometimes the will stand up front, then in the back, sometimes in the middle, then on the edge. I order new material for the bases almost every day, because the right size is always missing.

During this preparation for the ARTe Konstanz, an interplay of the works is slowly emerging, a small community in which each sculpture can come into its own. The sculptures stand there like divas and want to show their best side. I am happy to help them and am delighted by their glow.