Life-size sculpture In harmony

Life-size sculpture In Harmony can finally be seen as a model. It has been with me for almost two years. The sculpture started as a small wax model. This little sculpture was close to my heart and so I had it cast in bronze. As such, it can also be seen on my homepage .

In February 2020 I created In Harmony in Thailand as a large clay sculpture. As soon as I was back home, the pandemic picked up speed and I could no longer pursue the project in Thailand. The negatives of the model were therefore sent to Germany and arrived in Aalen at the beginning of 2021. Almost a year had passed since the start of the work.

In my workshop I have revised and refined the form that was developed in Thailand. In the past few months I have tried out a number of new methods and materials. This model was created from plaster of paris, PU foam, steel and paint.

My goal was to create a model that is light enough to be able to take with me to the exhibitions in Konstanz and Wiesbaden . At the same time, it should give a good impression of how the life-size sculpture In Harmony would look in bronze. As soon as I have found a specific site, I will have the sculpture cast in bronze.

A few days ago I was able to take a picture of the finished model from In Harmony for the first time. I am so happy to finally be able to show it!