Phoenix from the ashes

Phoenix from the ashes is the name of my new sculpure.

In my workshop there was a lump of plaster on which I always wiped off my plaster residue. One day I thought that something could be made of this lump and began to scrape off the remains in specific places. Then came a phase in which I took away material, purposefully built it up, took it away and built it up. The lump began to form to a sculpture . It went through many metamorphoses until it found its final form.

This process made Phoenix from the ashes especially dear to me. A piece of beauty is hidden in everything, even if it is not recognizable at first. Just don't give up looking for it!

Phoenix from the ashes kann in drei verschiedenen Positionen aufgestellt werden und findet in jeder Lage ihr Gleichgewicht wieder. Eine sehr ausgeglichene Skulptur! In diesem Youtube-Video zeige ich ihre vielen Möglichkeiten: